Time for Leadership?

As a leader you probably struggle for time to work on your leadership; the facts suggest that you may be missing a trick.

The Facts:
Recent research[i], involving 30,000 employees in 15 countries, shows that only 34% of employees are fully engaged by their job and their organisation, while 50% are completely disengaged. Yet companies reporting high engagement levels achieve significantly better results including:

    • 50% higher productivity
    • 33% more profitability
    • retention rates that are 44% higher
    • and a 56% increase in customer loyalty.  

So What:
It’s pretty much all about you… as a leader you play the key role in creating engagement.  Think about your people and the impact you have on them. How do you and your leadership team rate against the attributes shown to correlate with high engagement?  Your people want leaders who:

    • can effectively communicate the organisation’s strategy to them so they can play a meaningful role in helping the organisation succeed
    • have the capacity to implement strategy and create success
    • acknowledge their work and value their contribution.

Of course you are telling yourself…I do all of that. Take a moment to reflect; when someone leaves your office…are they clear, committed, and confident?  


 [i] Source: Right Management Global Engagement Survey

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