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Emotional Intelligence

When was the last time you heard someone jokingly suggest they were perfect? We’ve all said it, so why the laughter? Because we see humour in the fact that we are not perfect. The unflattering truth is, no matter how good we are, we do not excel in all things. Fortunately, most of us have the capacity to be at our best more of the time.

Technical skills, experience and intellect are key parts of the ‘superior performance’ formula, but it is the ability to manage our behaviour and to relate well with others that is key to sustaining superior performance. This is our Emotional intelligence (Ei) and it is the combination of skills, attitudes and habits that lead to superior performance both in life as a whole and at work. It doesn’t always come naturally, the good news is that it can be developed.

We have chosen to work with Ei as it has such a significant impact on performance. Research looking at performance in a global beverage firm found that division leaders who were selected based on Ei were far more likely to perform well. In addition, division leaders with high Ei outperformed their targets by 15 to 20 percent.

We work with JCA’s proven individual effectiveness (ie) and team effectiveness (te) tools which enable our clients to: radically improve their self-awareness and achieve sustainable change.