Our Clients

Our focus is moving our clients to great performance, so let’s hear what they say:

“Arlene’s coaching style is supportive and encouraging and in particular her ability to challenge current ways of thinking. Her experience of business also brought a focus to discussions and helped broaden the scope of real life scenarios and resultant outcomes in a practical and useful way. Arlene skilfully blends various techniques and approaches both theoretical and practical, which deepened my understanding and drew out a number of new insights into the way I approach work challenges.”
Iain Black, Chief Operating Officer, Aegon Distribution
“Arlene has a fantastic style combining excellent interpersonal skills with deep commercial insight, strong emotional intelligence, and a natural ability to challenge one to reflect on and develop leadership style and traits that one would previously not have considered. That is of course not to mention her deep understanding of and insight into her field.
Having worked with leading executive development providers including Harvard Business School between 2004 and 2009 while at RBS and Standard Life, my sessions with Arlene over the past couple of years have been invaluable in challenging me to reflect on my leadership style and previous learnings – as it is very easy to slide back into doing what you have always done in the way you have always done it. This was of particular value to me when engaging with and working directly for the new Executive who joined Standard Life in early 2010 coming from different business sectors and company cultures. Arlene absolutely has an instinct for leadership”
Eric Watson, Change Programme Director
“Arlene facilitated workshops which enabled my newly formed team to explore, in a safe environment, their personal and professional goals enabling the team to develop a strategy and business plan. A session with Arlene will leave you with complete clarity of thinking to go and improve your business. Arlene takes time to understand the business and the relevant issues and is prepared to challenge and provoke thinking within the team. Every sessions is enjoyable and leaves you with a sense of achievement and renewed energy.”
Jackie Cowper, Facilities Manager, Standard Life
“I have engaged Arlene for a number of coaching assignments with very senior leaders and found her to be highly effective. Arlene is an extremely professional and dedicated coach with a practical, results-focused approach who always brings a different perspective to things. She has a very calming presence combined with an ability to challenge when needed. One of the things I most admire about Arlene is her curiosity and drive for improvement – she is very focused on becoming a better coach and offering the most pertinent and current services. Arlene considers the challenges facing leaders tomorrow as well as today. As a client she asks for and listens to my input and what is wonderful for me is I always leave a conversation with Arlene having learnt something new.”
Tracey Bray, Talent and Management Development, Aegon
“Arlene acted as a coach to a recent leadership programme I attended, where I started off a little sceptical about what a battle-weary veteran of many leadership/ management / change programmes would get from the programme but have been surprised by the fact that I have picked up a lot of new ideas and that it has challenged my perceptions of myself and my leadership style. She has a nice easy style and made the event fun as well as thought provoking.”
Ewan Hill, Programme Director, Fujitsu Services
“Arlene has supported Fujitsu’s ‘Leading the Business’ programme, coaching a number of groups of 6-8 leaders from across the business. Arlene introduced new ways of thinking to the groups she worked with and strongly challenged them to evaluate and identify improvements in their own leadership styles. Arlene received very good feedback from the groups she worked with and as a result of her intervention, a number of her groups have chosen to continue coaching each other without any external support now that the leadership programme is finished.”
Kelly Metcalf, Programme Manager, Fujitsu