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Speak My Language – get your leadership message across

My recent article for Quiver Management Everybody’s talking – breaking the pattern of ineffective conversations explored how leaders can use David Kantor’s Structural Dynamics model to have more effective conversations. David, a renowned systems therapist, has focused his career on … Continue reading

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Leadership Conversations…Destined for Success?

A recent infographic linking Emotional Intelligence (EI) to leadership success prompted me to reflect on what’s getting in way of leaders becoming more emotionally intelligent. My perspective is that much of the information provided around developing your EI is focused … Continue reading

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Liberate your Forgiveness…and Transform Your Organisation

“Many organisations today are like gulags. People are anxious, there’s a lot of paranoia. [But] what should be remembered is that people who don’t make any mistakes don’t do anything. They’re too busy covering their backs. They’re not going to … Continue reading

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